In #OffGridPod #40, we ex-plain how they have to go flat out out on to the flats from the es-planada and try to get sides out while the tide’s out. We stand in the deposits and maybe go for a swim, before noting down brief stories on standard-sized paper.

A vector drawing of a row of colourful three-storey housefronts, facing onto a road.

First of the non-binary people in Wales live here (5)

Original here.

We’ve picked our players. Here’s one:

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The featured crossword puzzle, by Pasquale. Explanations(/spoilers!) are here.
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Void is @TheVoidTLMB on Mastodon mostly, occasionally elsewhere. His latest crossword is here.
Dave is @skirwingle in divers [sic] places, such as Bluesky. He also has Issues. His latest crossword is here.

Spoilers and links below the pic…

SENT about a DIME

  • Down by the shore, an orchestra’s playing…
  • And even the palms seem to be swaying, when they begin the … cricket match?
  • Void’s not here this week 😛.
  • Embankment is one where you could (in ’08) have watched this.
  • In-Seine? You must have been (in ’00) to consider entering this.
  • Strangest matches can be learnt about here.
  • The source of the injunction ‘I may not mean what I say, but must say what I mean’.
  • Hardacrostix sounds like a member of a Gaulish village (remember episode 31?).
  • ‘Exactly the same shape‘ but not Cromwell’s doing.
  • Belgium, man!
  • Expecting some ‘short leg’ pun about mister Spigot’s team?
  • Sequana and her ‘duck familiar’ (an instruction taken to heart by many cryptic setters).
  • The sands on which you could perhaps achieve a good win.

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