Book yourselves in, folks, for what they’re calling “a show that is almost entirely digressions from its notional subject”, and “inspired lunacy” (We’ll take that!). Unless, that is, you have no time to kill.

A cryptic crossword gave up its secrets to us, and we bounced them off a harbour wall to see if they broke. Then we took (Des)carte(s) blanche as to which other weapons to attack them with, be it Japanese swords or flingable flames. Hellfire, it’s all Greek to us!
Stand on the X, form an orderly Q, please, and click Play…

Audio note: We forgot to do an audio test before recording, so there are some mic noises on this one. Sorry about that!

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The featured crossword puzzle by Paul.
The General recommends: Sowmya’s Twitter for regular clues and hints, and 1 Across dot org.
Dave’s Twitter and his newest puzzle.
Void’s Twitter, and his latest crossword.


A Time To Kill
Barbara Paul’s site for Shakespeare references, opera mysteries, science fiction and much more.
Old weapons? Not number 1 or 5, but number 2 here.
Can anyone find the artwork that Void mentioned?

The Trudy are on Bandcamp, for one.

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Welcome to our brand new podcast!
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Each episode, Dave and Void will be taking inspiration from a crossword, to find interesting things to talk and quiz about with their guest. Since we won’t know what’s going to be in the puzzle, some new subjects should get thrown up for discussion every time. No expertise in cryptic crosswords is required on the part of the listener.

Here we go with a quick taster – Episode Zero!

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The featured crossword puzzle
Dave on Twitter
Void on Twitter

The Trudy.

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