A strong black coffee – that’s what you need, by the sound of things. Grab a nice big mug as you tune in for Lisztomania and Silver Rivers in the ever-refreshing Off-Grid.
Was it all a bit of a blur last night? Settle in, and let us take you for a ride down the river to recover, while you cross our palms with silver.

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The featured crossword puzzle by Tees.
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Spoilers and links below the pic…
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost at Centenary
He won down under, you know.
– Hope you have some clean sheets. And leave that barrel alone, sailor! Apparently, there’s a dictionary full of it.
– Oh! So it was where One Leg Too Few started out, ooh, but also “Interesting Facts”, so that sounds tempting.
– It was a double album, but not quite called what Dave was wondering.
– Not actually wings, by the looks of it.
– There’s a video essay on the tv series, if you want to know more.
– We didn’t have time to talk about that guy from The West Wing, Simeon‘s band, or this artwork by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, or why they both owe a debt to wandering Aengus. Nor even whether it’s even a colour (fr 2m14s)?
– Did you know he’d had a guest? Or that it had been adapted?
– Bring me the poet.
– It wasn’t Cleetus.

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