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Opinion – and more! – is split right down the middle on this one. But if you’re in need of some bilateral fox locomotion, you’re in luck.
A man in a sports crowd, dressed as a lobster

Here’s the latest track that’s sure to be a blast.

If the player doesn’t show, here’s a direct download mp3 link.

The featured crossword puzzle by Knut. (Select 7th June 2022 in the player.)
The General recommends this Twitter account, and 1 Across magazine (who are also on Twitter).
Void’s Twitter, and his latest crossword in The Independent (Select 18th June 2022 in the player).
Dave’s Twitter and his puzzles.


Spoilers and links below the pic…
Disney "I'm Tod" promotional badge for The Fox And The Hound film. OGP026_FoxAndHound

– The image that sparked The General’s thoughts.
– The article on the Cr[a/u]sh, and the wiki entry.
– Some more historical fads.
Utu, and The Quiet Earth final scene.
– The composer Hunter, his namesake? the mathematician, and the jockey-turned-actor who’s presumably in a field of his own?
– Or should that be that this guy?
– The mirrored-man story was indeed one by Arthur C Clarke, and this film by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson has a related premise.
– The throwback in the quiz was to episode 5 – The King Is Dead.
Crossword Solver app (iOS) by Richard.

Our theme tune is called Speedman, and is by The Trudy, purveyors of perfect pop for the people. They are to be found on Bandcamp, their Youtube, Twitter, or their web site. Things to do?: Put your trust in a pop song!

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The world (and the internet, come to that) is full of worms and cats (notably Saqqara, Egypt). It’s all down to the mummies who kept the vermin at bay. Meanwhile the penguins’ domain is more limited, but there’s someThing about it you have to acknowledge.
Excavation at Saqqara, showing mummified cats Continue Reading