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Is it more than 52 bees, or is it the B52s? Well, we don’t want to leave you hanging, but it’s hard to say, as things ain’t like they used to be in this very special episode of Off-Grid.
Gardens of Nineveh

Non-sequitur nattering ahoy, as we go clip-crazy, bats about bonuses, and enthuse for extras. Hear all about Hitch’s Papal Pickpockets in a winter warmer to keep the off-grid fires burning.

If the player doesn’t show, here’s a direct download mp3 link.

Void’s Twitter, his latest crossword in The Independent (Select 30th November 2022 in the player), and his latest blog puzzle.
Dave’s Twitter and his puzzles, and his latest on MC.
These two dinosaurs have duplicated their handles on a Mastodon.

Spoilers and links below the pic…
Swarm Collection

– The swarming pics are from this.
Peanut clouds
Faust is a New Man, or something.
Not a blood-sucker.
– The wrong stars.
– The “difficult” bridge-crossing. Or in video.
– Fighting on wheels (fr. 4m08)
– A snail to dye for.
– An old tale of White (not Wight) Island
Hanging gardens of… where?
– By ‘Ecu are
– If the Richard Ashcroft reference is lost on you
– Give ’em enough Rope?
– Actually, Void, The Six are only singularly named when sporting their Lobster suits.
Whale commentary
How to deal with burglars? (Unendorsed advice.)
– Here’s a riddle: What do you call a bottle-turner?

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