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In this episode we consult some ox tree documents to keep our pies in the right categories, go to war, following the lore of the letter, and don’t mention any strong sailors.
A lozenge-shaped piece of wood, polished to show off swirling grain patterns, being held up on fingertips, in front of a blue sky with some white fluffy clouds, and an out-of-focus tree which retains some of its blossom.

Anyone who says it’s just a failed grape is just being mean, and not comparing, er, apples to apples.

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The featured crossword puzzle (select April 23rd, 2023) by Filbert.
The General recommends this twitter, and crosswords such as these, this (select April 15th 2023), and this.
Void’s Twitter, Mastodon, and Stew, his latest crossword.
Dave’s Twitter, Mastodon, and his April crossword.

Spoilers and links below the pic…
Part of a blck-and-white military identity card for a man born in Cardiff in 1907. It contains a rather shadowy photo of a man's head and shoulders.

– The body of the film is here. (Or is that the other way around?)
– Oh my Baal, it’s going to be a musical now too.
– “Erawa” sounds like something Vic & Bob might have burbled, but all the details are here.
– WordPress didn’t want to let us embed the film, but you can download a high-res (not the 512kb one) version of the film from its The Internet Archive page.
– The Even Break came from the father of Dracula’s Daughter.
– Articles on Dave’s subject from the British Library and the Smithsonian.
– The original, and the, uh, “tribute“? (And Watford isn’t “the North”.)
– The guys and the girls are in League.
– The college was not named after a British Duke, but after a town, in turn named for the business of a benefactor from a local estate.
– Jagger-photographer, Greenpeace member, and helicopter-survivor could be other epithets for her.

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