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This one finds us binding Tashkent’s tourists to an unspecified dock, miles from anywhere familiar, under something shimmering and white. Sail away with us to somewhere where things are different, but supplies may be limited.

The Whirlpool Galaxy, M51

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The featured crossword puzzle (select 30th May 2024) is by Methuselah. The Fifteen Squared blog for it is here.
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Spoilers and links below the pic…

Someone holding an astronomy book, looking a little disgruntled
– Do you know the difference between ephelides and solar lentigines? We do now.
– Apparently, the “dear green place” has an “oceanic” climate.
– Find your nearest (UK) dark sky.
Source of the story of the people confused by that strange light up there.
– If you’ve never visited Petra, apparently she’s in Salford now.
– They may not be much use, but it seems you can actually buy one if you should be so inclined.
– Not sure about the navigability, but it seems to have been in a state for some 23 years.
– I like the turn of phrase “définition très variable“.
– Is your butter better with lemons? Or curd you be mistaken?
– If your binding knowledge is not encyclopædic, you can find out more here.
– For images of creatures you should observe from a distance, see here, here and here.

In episode 36 we were dancing between asteroids, but The Trudy were Lost In Space back in ’91. Still making top tunes today, sample their sonic shocks on Bandcamp.

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