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We do not recommend decapitation, however, we do bring you a spot of recapitation this time around.
A crossword was solved, but what three words will we be picking this week, and which clues? Poetic interpretations, going clubbing competitively, a black patch, awards for Staying Alive, and a near-obligatory limerick all make an appearance this episode.
Click Play to hear another “damn” citation (perhaps because of the bleeping – sorry about that):

If the player doesn’t work, here’s a direct download link. (Right-click, Save file.)

The featured crossword puzzle by Alberich.
The General recommends: JimJar’s Twitter, and his Cryptopicas.
Dave on Twitter says my puzzles are here.
Void on Twitter, who gave a plug for his books.

A no longer unthinkable location. If you’re in Holland, why not head Off Grid? And where is that stink coming from? Not Turkmenistan, but Arizona, as it turns out. Chopin clues (or clued, anyway).

Two short rallies.
The European final, 2019, highlights (skip straight to 1.16-8.00).
The Hamburg 2018 final (full match, German commentary from 8.25)

“He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy” is not a Monty Python reference in this case. 🙂

The Trudy are on Bandcamp, for one.

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