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A Roamin’ In The Gloamin’ we go, with tales of assailants small and large, a paintbox gooped, sand as a sponge, and Holmes pouring out his heart.

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A groat for your thoughts (blame inflation), but a journey of many miles begins with a single step, and yours starts when you press the play button:

If the player doesn’t show, here’s a direct download mp3 link.

The featured crossword puzzle by Falcon.
The General recommends this Twitter account , this site for word explorations, and offers this crossword from a little while back. You should also be on the lookout for a reprint of this book, and a new book – The 12 Quizzes Of Christmas – by the same author this autumn. If you should be anywhere near this pub when they’re running their fiendish quizzes (~autumn to spring), then it’s well worth stopping in.
Void’s Twitter, (this April’s) 1Across magazine, and a puzzle that may or may not be tat.
Dave’s Twitter and his crosswords.


Spoilers and links below the pic…


– Somehow, we’re reminded of this Roy Harper song.
– In case you Care, here’s a poem, featuring, appropriately enough, cows. Oh, and here’s the other one that also does.
– For more on the big round place, see here.
– The tales of The Ingenious Gentleman are recommended. (As, come to that, is this classic tale from Nelly, et al.)
– The film in question, which is not a road movie, to Berlin or anywhere else.
– You hum them, and we’ll sing ’em. (Sorry).
– Wot utter rot.
Boozy skin cream.

Our theme tune is from neither Wire nor XTC, but from the every-bit-as-fabulous The Trudy, who you can catch via Bandcamp, their Youtube, Twitter, or their web site. The Trudy is out there, Scully.

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