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Dear composers, please do try not to sound like a foreign agent!

Once more unto the grid, dear friends. A cryptic crossword was faced down and inspected for tit-bits, such as corpora, photos of rural American mail boxes, microbes, party encounters, reformations, infamy, packet switching and hand waving and all the usual suspects. Click Play to hear bad Brando impressions and more…

If the player doesn’t work, here’s a direct download link. (Right-click, Save file.)

The featured crossword puzzle by Kairos.
The General recommends: this Twitter account, and (usually) every other Wednesday’s Independent puzzle.
Dave on Twitter says my puzzles are here.
Void on Twitter said the cryptic-curious could check out this twitch stream.

THE TRUDY are on Bandcamp, their own homepage, Twitter, and YouTube. Captain Scarlet says don’t go looking for them on a wonky fan site, for goodness sake.
The Trudy web banner

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